how factory make the melt and pour soap

How factory produce the melt&pour soap

The melt&pour method is probably the simplest of all. Commercially, it is highly efficient and creative, and most factories love to adopt this approach. It avoids the need to deal with lye and enables soap manufacturers to pay more attention to the aesthetic aspects, but it is not easy to make a creative soap. In addition, compared with soap made by machines, this method takes more time and manpower, so the cost will be higher.

Melt the soap base

Choose a suitable soap base and put it into a commercial dissolution furnace, which usually dissolves at about 70 ℃. There are many kinds of soap bases, including palm oil and olive oil. It should be noted that the soap base of melt soap is different from that of milled soap, they can’t be alternatives for each other.


Add the necessary additives according to the recipe in the liquid state, such as fragrance oil, humectant, colorant, or exfoliating agent (walnut particles, coffee grounds, etc.), then stir evenly.


When the liquid soap cools to about 50 ℃, pour it into the mold. The mold is more commonly, made of plastic or reinforced silicone. Unlike home production, the factory usually has more molds,
If you want a swirling soap, you have to pour different colors of soap several times and stir it slightly. The same operation is used to make different color layer soap of different, but no stirring is required.
When finished, spray a little alcohol on it to remove excess bubbles.


Once the soap has completely cooled (usually it takes about an hour), take the soap out of the mold. It can be a separate completed soap, or soap block then cut into bar soap. Then polish the edges to remove the roughness.


The final step is to pack the soap, in addition to further protecting soap, it can also convey the selling points of the product and your brand. And the production information must be listed on the packaging.

melt and pour soap process
melt and pour soap process

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