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So we have prepared some frequently asked questions here, which from some start-ups or large companies, who want to work with us and create their products.

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Table of Contents of FAQ

About us

What business service you offer?

OEM, ODM, Sourcing

What business service you don't offer?

Wholesale, we don’t have any products in stock. 

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a trading company and invested in a factory which produces liquid items.

For other items (such as bath bombs and soap), we are deeply tied to the factory – we have signed strategic cooperation agreements.

What factory certification you have?


Can you support factory audit?

Sure, we are very welcome to factory audit,  and we are very confident that we can pass the inspection, while we are happy that will improve our management. We have clients who inspect our factories every year, such as Brand Addition and CVS.

Will you sign the NDA with clients?

Yes, we are more than happy for our clients to sign confidentiality agreements with us and we also ask our suppliers to do that. We never share product information between clients and it is our responsibility and obligation to protect the privacy and intellectual property of our clients.

How you do the quality control?

Our factory is GMPC certified to ensure a safe production and quality management process; our QC is present throughout the production process to ensure that no errors are made at every step; all products entering our warehouse will have a test report. You can contact us to get certificates and reports.

What is your payment terms?

FOB, T/T (30% prepay and 70% balance)

All Products

What is your MOQ?

Normally 2000pcs, but also depends on the package. For example, you need clear bottles instead of colored ones (this requires 5000pcs).

How much is your product?
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What is your production lead time?
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How much is your sample and what is the lead time?

If the samples are common and small quantity, we can give you free and send off within a week.

However, if you need many samples with complex processes, then we may charge you a fee and they may take up to half a month to make.

Can you make natural or organic product?

We will try to use substances that exist in nature, rather than artificially created ingredients. However, based on existing technology and cost limitations, 100% natural and organic is difficult to achieve.
And we must point out that there is a huge difference between natural and organic. There is no national standard or law that defines what is natural, but you can refer to third-party organizations for definitions. But organic is regulated by the USDA.

Is your product vegan friendly?

Sure, we don’t use any animal-by ingredients and no testing on animals.

Do you use fragrance oil or essential oil?

We can use both, it’s up to you. And, you also can provide the oil to us for production.

But essential oil will be expensive. 

What product testing or certification documents you can provide?

INCI List, Manufacturing Process, BOM, Microbiology Test Report, Stability Test Report, Preservative Challenge Test report, MSDS, COA, IFRA, Nanomaterial Statement, No animal test statement.

What areas that I can customise on?

Almost every area of the product. Formula, color, scent, design, package, shape.

Can you source the packaging for us?

Yes, we have an experienced sourcing team and a stable of accessory suppliers, we encourage you to send us your ideas for packaging so that we can provide you with exactly what you want, quickly.

Can you make the formula I want?

Yes. We have an in-house lab for formula research. Learn more

Can I use your existing artwork?

Yes. We will be happy if you like our artwork design, we can share you for free, and you also can change to your own logo. 

I want to start off small, can you help me?

We are happy to help you. The biggest challenge for small business is MOQ and price, so we suggest you do detailed product planning, if you have a target price that will be better, so that we can give you a clearer idea about style, formulation, and package.


Do you use fragrance oil or essential oil?

We can make both,  it’s up to you. Learn more

What are the different of fragrance oil and essential oil?

The big difference is their raw material and source. Learn more

What is the fragrance level in your product?

Wash: 0.3%

Cream/lotion: 0.3%

Bath bomb: 0.3%

Soap: 1%

Candle: 3%

Diffuser: 6%

What report you can provide for fragrance?

IFRA, MSDS, COA, Allergens

Can you help me to choose the fragrance?

Yes, we have a fragrance list with the odor note for each item, you can very easy to pick up the one you like.

Bath Bomb

What is your bath bomb cost?

As we are the OEM business, we don’t have a standard price, prices vary based on customization. But you can visit here to learn more about the cost breakdown. 

What is the fizzing performance?

Like: floating, sinking, spinning, foamy. Learn more

Why bath bomb can't fizz?

Most likely because it is damp, there is no CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas released. It can be a production process problem or a storage problem.

Why bath bomb stain?

This is about the pigments. Some pigments are more likely to stain your tub, even your skin,  such as Red 28. And, it’s better wash your tub immediately after use.

Why bath bomb go soft after a while?

Not dry enough, or damp in storage. Dryness is very critical for bath bomb. 

Why are bath bombs fading?

Yes, bath bombs will fade after a while. This is because UV light can break chemical bonds and discolor objects, and UV light is everywhere. This problem can only be improved by the storage environment.

Why the water turn black after using bath bomb?

Because your bath bomb contains red, yellow and blue pigments, as we know: red + yellow + blue = black.

Many people don’t like this color, especially children, black scares them. To change this, you can only choose the color at your discretion, don’t let all three colors exist at the same time in your products, or the amount of one of the pigments should be very small.

Does bath bomb clog your drain?

Most of the them will not, bath bomb can be completely dissolved. Unless the following two cases:

There are dried flowers, but usually stopped by the filter;

There is plastic glitters, this is more serious, because it is very small and not easy to decompose, we recommend trying not to add this to your bath bomb.

How long should bath bombs fizz?

It depends on the size, formula and fizzing reaction. the larger size definitely lasts longer, the multi-foam lasts longer less foam, and cornstarch can slow down the dissolution rate.

As an example: 100g floating multi-foam lasts about 5 minutes, less foam about 3 minutes.

What is the fragrance level in your bath bomb?

0.3%. If you want more strong scent, then we can add 1%

I don’t like the film wrap on the bath bomb, can you remove it?

No, the film can protect the bath bomb from moisture to a certain extent and prolong the shelf life. And, that film is made of POF which is safe and ECO.


Why soap “sweating”?

This is because glycerin absorbs moisture in the air. Glycerin is a natural by-product of saponification and can also be added as a moisturizer. “Sweating” is a normal occurrence and is not a quality issue.

Are there any preservatives in soap?

Not, you never have to use preservatives in any soap, the soap have a pH level(from 8-11) that doesn’t allow mold or bacteria growth.

Is cold process soap better?

As the saponification process of handmade soap is less thorough (because the process is not heated), the ph is higher and may be more damaging to the skin, but it is rich in oils and has the best experience of use. And from the production process, handmade soap is more environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of triple-milled soap

Foamy, hander, more smoother, no impurities,  Each bar will be consistent in colour, fragrance and texture.

How to distinguish between handmade and machine-made Soap?

You can tell the difference by the way it looks, soaps with stunning, incredible patterns are more likely to be handmade soap, and because handmade soap is so viscous during the saponification process, it can create more complex patterns, The machine-made soap is less creative and it can only rely on the mold to make the desired shape. 

What is the fragrance level in soap?


Can you make the soap-base?

Not, we are soap finisher, which means we don’t make soap base, instead, we partner with soap-base suppliers.

Why does cold process soap take a long time?

Cold soap cannot use a soap base and must start with saponification, which is an exceptionally slow process, especially at room temperature, it normally takes 60 days.

What makes a soap hard or soft?

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) gives “hard soap” when hydroxide (KOH) gives a “soft soap”.

Why my soap smells rancid?

May be used the poor quality fat, or there are too much fat, or not enough lye.

Is there any lye in your soap?

No. It is true that lye is the raw material for making soap, but it has reacted with fat in the saponification process to become soap and glycerin.

Why there are air bubbles in soap?

Stirring too long during production, or not enough resting time. 

Why my soap is hard and brittle?

There is too much lye in the saponification process. 


What is the testing standard for candles?

EU: EN 15493, EN 15494, EN 15426;
USA: F2417, F2601, F2058. Learn more

Why it has wet spots in candles?

Because of thermal expansion and contraction, this is not a quality issue. Wet spots appear when the wax is pulled away from the edge of the container. and dissolving and cooling are the key steps in candle making.

Why is my candle seeping oil?

This happens more often with soy wax, which is more sensitive to extreme temperature changes. It causes the fragrance oil to separate from the candle. Also, when the fragrance oil is not compatible with the candle, sweating occur.

What causes a candle to smoke and how to correct?

Due to incomplete combustion, lack of oxygen in the flame.

Specifically for the product itself, it may be because the wick is so long that it cannot absorb the wax to the top, and the wick keeps burning causing the smoke.

What cause the frosting on candles and how to prevent?

The frosting is the crystalline layer that forms on the surface of natural waxes (e.g. soy wax) as an attempt by the natural wax to return to its natural state. It does not affect the performance of the candle.

The following methods can reduce frosting during production: 

Do not stir the melted wax vigorously, prevent the candle from cooling too quickly.

What is “tunneling” in a candle and how to prevent?

Tunneling means that when the candle is burning, only a small part around the wick melts, we also call it “insufficient burning”, this is a quality defect.

Tunneling is related to the size of the wick. If a candle with a large area uses only a very small wick, then heat is certainly not enough to melt the whole plane. So the size of the wick and candle should match each other when making. 

Why soy wax is better?

Natural, Burns Cleaner, ECO. 

What is the best storage ℃ for candles?

Around 20℃, no more than 30℃. If too heat, it will bleed oil even melt, if too cool, there is wet spots. 

How to choose the size of the candle wick?

It depends on the size of your candle, generally, a 100g candle needs a 24-27 strand wick so that it burns well and doesn’t hang on the walls.

What is the best wick for making candle?

The cotton wick is never wrong, it has strong water absorption, will continue to absorb wax, and use it as fuel to burn constantly.

How long will candle burn?

Depends on the candle size, but on average, one ounce will burn for about 6 hours(5g/hour). learn more

What is the fragrance level in candle?


Reed Diffuser

Is it necessary to use alcohol in diffuser oil?

Not, we can use other solvents, but adding a little alcohol can make it diffuse faster.

Is diffuser oil DG for transport if there is alcohol?

If you add too much alcohol, thus making the flash point of the oil exceed 65, then it will be judged as dangerous under the regulations. We have done the testing, 6% alcohol or less is generally safe.

Can I just use essential/fragrance oil for the diffuser?

No. The Standard oil is too thick to diffuse(or diffuse too slow), it does not allow the fragrance to fill the entire space.

How many times the reed diffuser can be used?

The reeds should be turned for every two to three weeks to keep the scent alive. This is because over time the reeds become completely saturated and can become clogged with dust.

Can a diffuser use for different scent?

This is not recommended, once the reeds have been used for a certain scent you should not use them for others, the scent already absorbed by the reeds will mix with the new scent and may produce a strange smell.

How many reeds should you put in a diffuser?

We recommend starting with 6-8 reeds, but you may choose to add more. Be aware that the more reeds you use, the more fragrance you will release, and the faster the liquid will be used up. Pair your reeds with a smooth clear or silver glass bottle.

How long should a reed diffuser last?

Typically 1-6 months, depending on the amount of aroma oil, and how many reeds you used. However, the most critical thing is the solvent used in the oil.

What is the fragrance level in diffuser oil?


For Men

What is a good shave cream?

Hydration, lubrication, soothing and refreshing. 

What oil is best for beard?

Jojoba oil. It softens and hydrates at the same time, not clog pores or cause irritation.

What fragrance note is suitable for men?

Herbal, Tobacco, Citrus, Green, Woody. 

Is men’s skincare different from women?

There are no significant differences in their formulations, ingredients, uses, or production. Learn more

For Pets

What functions can pet shampoo have?

Cleaning, moisturizing, Anti-itch, Disinfection, Deodorizing

What actives ingredients are good for pets?

Aloe Vera: anti-microbial and moisturizing.

Tea Tree Oils: topical healer and anti-inflammatory.

What kind of pet shampoo you can make?

Soothing shampoos, deodorizing shampoos, standard shampoos, hypoallergenic Shampoos. 

What kind of pet shampoo you can’t make?

Medicated Shampoos

Can I use human shampoo on pets?

Not, except the baby shampoo, they are both gentle enough. Learn more


What should be considered for cosmetic package?

Permeability, light transmission, chemical stability and corrosion resistance, physical safety, ECO friendliness. 

Is PET bottle eco friendly?

It’s 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. It can be constantly recycled into new products, reducing the waste of resources. 

Why PVC is bad?

Contains dangerous chemical additives, including phthalates, lead, cadmium,or organotin.

Why colored bottle is so much high MOQ than clear bottle?

Colored bottles require specialized raw materials while clear bottles do not.

What is PCR bottle?

Post-consumer resin (PCR) is the technical term for plastic that has already been recycled and is ready to use again. Learn more

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