cost of mass manufacturing of bath bomb

Cost of mass manufacturing of bath bomb

You may wonder why the price of each bath bomb varies so much, and you may even be so suspicious of your supplier that you have to search for several to compare prices. Here, we analyze the cost of bath bombs from a manufacturer’s point of view.


Or we can call it the fizzing effect.

The main ingredients in bath bomb are baking soda and citric acid, of which, citric acid is the most expensive and if it’s in a high level, then the whole product will be more expensive.

Natural additions of essential oils, in order to improve the moisturizing and to provide some healing, as we know, are expensive and if you add a lot of them, the cost will certainly increase.

Also, sodium sulfate, an ingredient that is very cheap, is a filler, simply to increase the gram weight, it is seen more often in sinking bath bomb, while floating ones tend to be added in smaller amounts. Visit here to know about the different fizzing effects.

Manufacturing processes

Bath bomb is a highly innovative product and semi-automatic process, there is currently no way to fully automate them. Therefore for some novelties, which have a very special appearance, more manpower and more time are required.

For example, mixed colors are definitely more costly than solid ones because of the additional process of color toning and the need to fill material twice during pressing.

Also, if your product is a kit with different items in it, it reduces production efficiency when changing line to make different items. Visit here to learn about bath bomb manufacturing.


Packaging material, the most popular, by far, is the paper box, which is also the most economical and ECO way. OPP bags, or plastic boxes, on the other hand, are not very popular due to environmental concerns and are not cheap.

Packaging process, when setting up a packaging line, is basically configured according to one person for one process, for example, one person for folding boxes and one person for labeling, if the product has a particularly large number of additional elements to deal with, then more labor and time is required.

Other factors

In addition to the above, which most affects the cost of bath bomb, there may also be influencing factors such as transport, storage, etc, but these are concerned by importers.

FactorsIngredientsManufacturing processesPackagingOther factors
% in cost60%20%15%5%

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