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At Enrich, we develop, design, manufacture, and source the products at your request.


Who We Are

Enrich Enterprise Xiamen Limited is a leading supplier of personal care products located in Xiamen, China, and was established in 2007.

We offer a wide range product, including bath&care products, bath bomb, soap, home fragrance, bath accessory and bath gift set. All products are available for customization, private label, personalization, OEM and ODM. 

We insist on a highly professional, continuously innovative approach to creating products and engaging in business for overseas retailers, distributors, small brands and corporations.

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What We Can Do For You

What You Can Expect From Us

Fast Delivery

10 filling lines, 2 assembly lines, 20,000 tones/year, 5,000 m² warehouse for fast delivery,

Inspiring Products

At Enrich, we design at least five series of products each year in response to market trends.

Quick Response

We promise that we will reply to you within 12 hours when we receive your inquiry. 


With nearly 5,000 square meters of warehouse space which can meet the explosive growth of orders during the peak season, your goods will be stored well until they are shipped.

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Certificates and Testing

For 15 years, Enrich has insisted on manufacturing products that meet international standards. For factory audits, we strictly comply with GMPC, BSCI, and C-PTAT, and we keep improving and updating our reports every year.

In terms of products, we strictly comply with the regulations to ensure that our products can pass various tests, such as TRA, heavy metal, microbiological, etc. We can also provide PIF information to comply with EC1223/2009. 

We guarantee that all our products pass not only internal quality controls but also the regulations of international organizations. Our certifications and tests guarantee your product has an outstanding quality.

innovation products


At Enrich, we insist on innovation to keep us competitive. Our understanding of innovation is not just about attractive looks, but also about the inner workings of our products, such as being more environmentally friendly, safer, and a whole new experience.

Fortunately, our expert team of highly skilled technicians and engineers, in the business for more than 10 years, have the knowledge and proficiency to make our innovative work infinitely possible.

How To Work With Us Step by Step

Step 1: Formulation

Submit your formulation requirements, such as natural, non-irritating, non-allergenic, or use one of our existing formulations.

Step 2: Package materials

Tell us what package you want (bottles, tubes, jars, etc.) . or we can recommend it.

Step 3: Artwork design

We will provide you the pakaging dieline for artwork design, we also can provide our artwork for your reference. 

Step 4: Sample

Once confirm every details, we will make free samples for your checking. 

Step 5: Feedback on samples

Tell us what you think about samples, what details need to be improved, then we will make samples again for your checking. 

Step 6: Improve sample per feedback

We will improve the sample according to your comments until you are satisfied.

Step 7: Order

Once confirm samples, you can order from us, we will sign back you the sale confirmation. 

Step 8: Production

We will produce according to the order details and GMPC. Learn more

Step 9: QC report

We will inspect the final goods and issue a QC report for your checking, if there are something unqualify, we will remake. 

Step 10: Warehouse

Qualified products will be warehoused according to the procedure. 

Step 11: Shipping

We will work with your forwarder to provide documents (customs declaration, packing list, invoice, even test report) for safe, on-time and compliant shipping.

Customers Satisfaction

Enrich has been a great supplier for us for many years and they do their utmost best to meet our requirements for all of our projects. They’re always very helpful and understanding and have great team members who are very supportive.
Faheemah Patia

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Enrich enterprise provides fast and efficient product development and order management. The team is proactive and works hard to ensure all requirements are met, which made our complex order run smoothly.
Karen Wickens
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