Formulation Development

Compliance and Safety

We have a rigorous process in place to ensure rapid formulation development.

The goal of our development is primarily to promote the safe use of skincare products, reduce harm to humans and pollution to the environment, and provide our customers with a go-to-market strategy.

This means not just compliance, but also safety.

formula research

Our competences

In-depth industry research

We have a professional chemical team, a dedicated formulation laboratory, a wealth of knowledge and skills to be able to research and advise on formulations in our customers' target markets.

Complete technical support

We have a high level of competence to meet the challenges of our customers, from the very beginning of the formulation study, to the provision of documentation (e.g. CPSR) at a later stage

Strong testing guarantee

We will ensure that our products can pass a series of tests such as microbiology, toxicology, heavy metal, stability, challenge, etc. If failed, we will readjust and submit testing at our own cost.

Key points of our formula development

Cosmetics should be non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and eye mucous membranes and non-allergenic, etc., in order to comply with national cosmetic regulations, in the formulation of the design, we will not use and contain a prohibited substance, and in cases where we have to, restricted substances we used which must meet their dosage regulations.

Each product has its own specific efficacy, such as: cleansing, moisturizing, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, whitening, etc. We will add the right amount of efficacy ingredients in the product to achieve the desired effect of the product and meet the specific needs of our customers.

Formulation development should be feasible, which can be analyzed from four aspects: formulation, production, regulation, and concept.

  1. Formulation feasibility: under the existing formula level, we will consider the product style, efficacy, etc.
  2. Production feasibility: we will consider whether we have the relevant equipment and filling conditions required for the product, and if not suitable, we will turn to a Well-connected and manageable OEM partner.
  3. Regulatory feasibility: we will consider whether the product belongs to the cosmetics category, whether the ingredients to be added can be used in cosmetics, etc.
  4. Concept feasibility: we will consider whether the technological concept or the selling point of the product can be understood and accepted by consumers.

Stability is a basic requirement for the product. If the product appears unstable it is mostly due to the lack of reasonable design.
To ensure the stability of cosmetic products, we will strictly comply with the relevant test methods and indicators (heat resistance, cold resistance and centrifugal test) in the design and experimental stage to test the samples, even beyond the standard, we conduct enhanced stability tests to judge their stability.

Cosmetics are products made from many components mixed and compounded by appropriate processes. The more ingredients there are, the higher the requirements for compatibility. We will verify whether the formulation is reasonable through a series of experimental methods to see whether the components react chemically with each other and whether they can act synergistically. For example, if allantoin and MIT (methylisothiazolinones) are placed in an aqueous agent, a bright chip will be precipitated, which indicates that the combination is not reasonable.

Developing cost-effective products to meet market demand has always been our endeavor. When developing a cosmetic formula, the cost of the formula must be accounted for according to the price of each component, and through the adjustment, in order to seek to use a low cost, to formulate a high-performance product.

Consumers are paying more and more attention to the appearance of cosmetic packaging and the feeling of using it, requiring a good product to look pleasing to the eye and feel good and effective when used, so we must consider the product design in a comprehensive manner. For example, add some colors or glitters.

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