Bath Bomb

Enrich has focused on the production of bath bomb for more than 15 years, our mature formula and experienced workers bring stable and excellent products.

The 2,000 square meters plant is built according to GMPC and Sedex standards, fully equipped with more than 10 molding machines, 2 assembly lines, and an average daily production capacity of 50,000 units, which can deliver your orders quickly.

More than 200 molds are available and customization services are also offered, from formulation, shape, size, flavor, and color to packaging.

slufate free
self preservative
no stained

Want to develop your unique bath bomb?

Cloud Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Cloud
  • 110g, create five colors, floating, foaming
  • product size: 9.4*5.8*2.6cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Star Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Star
  • 110g, create five colors, floating, foaming
  • product size: 8.5*8.5*2.8cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Moon Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Moon
  • 110g, create five colors, floating, foaming
  • product size: 9.8*6*3.3cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Unicorn Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Unicorn
  • 120g, create five colors, floating, foaming
  • product size: 10*7*3cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Salt Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Salt
  • salt inside, floating, foaming
  • product size: Customizable
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Dry Flower Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-flower
  • with dried flower, floating, foaming
  • product size: Customizable
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Shea Butter Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Shea butter
  • shea butter bath bomb with dry flower
  • product size: D5.8cm/60g
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
Unique Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-UR
  • 140g, with unique design, floating, foaming
  • product size: 6.9*6.9*6.9cm
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
Macaron Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Macaron
  • 70g macaron-shaped
  • product size: 5.2*5.2*4.2cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Pizza Bath Bomb
  • item No.:EE-BB-PZ
  • 120g pizza-shaped
  • product size: 8.8*7.2*4cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Donut Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-DN
  • 100g donut-shaped
  • product size: D7.5*H3.6cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Cupcake Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-CC
  • 170g cupcake, floating, foaming
  • product size: 6.4*6.4*8cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Geode Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Geode
  • 100g, crystal salt inside, floating, foaming
  • product size: 6*6*4.5cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Egg Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Egg
  • 120g, toys inside, floating, foaming
  • product size: 5.9*5.9*8.8cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
Bath Bomb Rocks
  • item No.: EE-BB-Rocks
  • packaging: in a bag or jar
  • size: customizable
  • MOQ: 2000 pack
Dinosaur Bath Bomb
  • item No.: EE-BB-Dino
  • 120g, 2 colors mixed, floating, foaming
  • product size: 6.5*5*8.3cm
  • MOQ: 2000pcs

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The Basic Knowledge About Bath Bomb

The FAQs About Bath Bomb

What is your bath bomb cost?

As we are the OEM business, we don’t have a standard price, prices vary based on customization. But you can visit here to learn more about the cost breakdown. 

What is the fizzing performance?

Like: floating, sinking, spinning, foamy. Learn more

Why my bath bomb stain?

This is about the pigments. Some pigments are more likely to stain your tub, even your skin,  such as Red 28. And, it’s better to wash your tub immediately after use.

Why my bath bomb can't fizz?

Most likely because it is damp, there is no CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas released.

It can be a production process problem or a storage problem.

Why is my bath bomb go soft after a while?

Not dry enough, or damp in storage. Dryness is very critical for bath bomb. 

Does bath bomb clog your drain?

Most of them will not, bath bomb can be completely dissolved. Unless the following two cases:

There are dried flowers, but usually stopped by the filter;

There are plastic glitters, this is more serious, because it is very small and not easy to decompose, we recommend trying not to add this to your bath bomb.

Why the water turn black after using bath bomb?

Because your bath bomb contains red, yellow and blue pigments, as we know: red + yellow + blue = black.

Many people don’t like this color, especially children, black scares them. To change this, you can only choose the color at your discretion, don’t let all three colors exist at the same time in your products, or the amount of one of the pigments should be very small.

Why are bath bombs fading?

Yes, bath bombs will fade after a while. This is because UV light can break chemical bonds and discolor objects, and UV light is everywhere. This problem can only be improved by the storage environment.

How long should bath bombs fizz?

It depends on the size, formula. the larger size definitely lasts longer, the multi-foam lasts longer less-foam, and cornstarch can slow down the dissolution rate.

As an example: 100g floating multi-foam lasts about 5 minutes, less-foam about 3 minutes.

What is the fragrance level in your bath bomb?

0.3%. If you want more strong scent, then we can add 1%. 

I don’t like the film wrap on the bath bomb, can you remove it?

We are afraid not. The film can protect the bath bomb from moisture to a certain extent and prolong its shelf life. And, that film is made of POF which is safe and ECO.

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