the different fizzing effects of bath bomb

The different fizzing effects of bath bomb

Depending on the formula, the pressure of molding, the differentiation of the manufacturing process, and the influence of the mold, the bath bomb will have a different fizzing reaction.


There are two factors affecting the floating, formula + molding pressure, try to use some less dense ingredients, and molding pressure is small(this makes the bath bomb less dense), both are indispensable, then the bath bomb will be able to easily float in the water.

Some people think that if the bath bomb is dry enough then it can float, which is the same as saying let the bath bomb with larger air inside, this also makes sense, but the molding pressure is the key, in our many production tests, the just produced bath bomb can also float.

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The sinking bath bomb can cause the water to tumble enthusiastically, accompanied by a strong fizzing sound, just like boiling water.

In contrast to floating, you can get a sinking bath bomb, for example, you can add some Sodium sulfate and use a high enough pressure when molding. This results in a denser bath bomb.

The cost of sinking bath bombs is lower than floating, materials cost is one side, the production can not take into the molding pressure to improve the efficiency of workers.



Some bath bomb will even spin, the main reason is that the gravity of product is not in the center point, which is the imbalanced cause of that. Due to the error of the mold, we are difficult to make a balanced product, so you can see most spherical bath bomb can spin.

When the bath bomb produces more bubbles, the spin is more powerful because the bubbles provide power, so it can be said that the spin is related to the formula. Technically, we could use different formulations in the same bath bomb to achieve the spinning effect, but this would be very costly.

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Some bath bomb look foamy due to the addition of surfactants – we all know that surfactants can create foam. 

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