Packaging and Printing

Outstanding and ECO-friendly

Great packaging and printing can make your product stand out, and that’s what our design team is all about. We will first focus on the uniqueness of your product and refine its connotation as a way to create extraordinary artwork. In addition, the safety of the package is even more important throughout the package design.

Moreover, we insist on environmental protection, our printing supplier is FSC certified, and we ask to use as much recycled paper as possible, and water-based inks that can pass heavy metal tests.

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What we can do for you

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Structure Design

Our professional structural engineers focus first on understanding the unique qualities of your product and generating innovative and safe structural concepts to achieve the results you want. In addition, we will also give you the optimal solution from a cost perspective.

Artwork Design

If you don’t have your own designer, it’s okay, we can design for you according to your idea. And we will launch our own design every year from time to time, which is in line with the market trend, you can use our design for free. 

artwork design

Artwork Checking

Before the artwork is printed, we check carefully to make sure that the pattern and the dieline can be matched exactly, and we will suggest changes according to the actual situation of production if necessary.


Our professional color engineers will follow for you throughout the printing period and keep tuning before the batch printing to make sure the printed color is the one you want.

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What we can produce for you

Different box style

We have long-term cooperation with a high-quality printing factory that can produce various shapes of paper boxes, including but not limited to: folding boxes, aircraft boxes, lid and base box, display boxes, and even special-shaped, such as heart-shaped, hexagonal, gable bag.

druckmaschine printing machine

Different lable style

With our versatile printing machines, we can produce labels of different materials, including but not limited to: thermal paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, water-soluble paper, writing paper, BOPP labels, sub-silver labels, PE labels

Different finishing process

We are skilled in various surface treatments, including but not limited to oiling, lamination (glossy or matte), hot stamping, UV, laser, embossing, and hollowing.

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Consult Your Enrich Expert

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your bath&body care products need, on-time and on budget.

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