What are the benefits for the GMPC?

What are the benefits of following GMP for skin care products or cosmetics manufacturers?

For many countries and organizations, GMP is a barrier to market access.

Establishing GMP allows consumers to have confidence in and use the products of the cosmetics brand.

In addition, GMP can ensure that manufacturers provide high-quality cosmetics that consumers love and are satisfied with, thereby forming a good reputation, thereby increasing sales and brand awareness for manufacturers. The GMP guidelines also allow cosmetic brands to conduct self-inspection of current operations.

What if GMP is not implemented?

Cosmetic manufacturers may encounter the following problems:

A. Confusion of labels or cosmetic ingredients and other manufacturing errors.

B. Equipment and tools are contaminated.

C. Employees accidentally bring bacteria into the equipment (for example, employees have open wounds, do not use hairnets, etc.).

D. Raw materials (including water) have not undergone adequate quality testing before use.

E. Due to the lack of reliable and comprehensive documents, it is difficult to duplicate the production process, which leads to deviations in each batch of goods and affects the consumer experience.

F. Print labels that contain incorrect or incomplete information.

G. Produce and sell harmful or undesirable products that cause consumer health problems or adverse skin reactions.

H. Unable to track and identify potential problems with the product complained by customers.

All in all, GMP is very necessary and important for personal care and cosmetics manufacturers.

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