cosmetics packaging all types

Cosmetic packaging-all types

Cosmetic packaging materials can be divided into inner and outer, the inner is that direct contact with the contents, such as bottles, tubes, jars, and so on, and the outer are that used to package the inners, thus forming a kit, Or to achieve a protective effect, usually a variety of color boxes, cosmetic bags, baskets, and outer cartons and so on.


cosmetic plastic bottles
cosmetic plastic bottles
  1. Plastic products account for 80% of the use in cosmetic packaging, since they are lightweight, durable and drop-proof, easy to transport, and convenient to produce, you can make them in any shape and size you want.
  2. Commonly used plastic materials are PET, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PETG, ABS, etc., of which PET is the most used due to its superior performance and more environmentally friendly.
  3. Plastic bottles have a variety of styles and surface treatment processes, including labeling, silk-screening, hot stamping, frosting, etc. Labeling is the simplest and cheapest way to apply the most.
  4. There are 2 kinds of molding in plastics, injection and blowing, the container wall will be thicker for injection, mold costs about $3,000, while thinner for blowing, mold costs about $600.
  5. The MOQ for plastic is usually 3,000, or 10,000 if you want the colored one. The common type is usually in stock, then no MOQ is needed.


cosmetic glass container
cosmetic glass container
  1. Glasses are non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, beautiful, good barrier, impermeable, heat resistance, pressure resistant, cleaning resistant, and both high-temperature sterilization, but also low-temperature storage. It’s irreplaceable in cosmetic packaging.
  2. Glasses are mainly used for creams, perfumes, essential oils, candles, and other small-capacity items, more than 200ml is rarely used.
  3. Like plastics, glasses have many shapes and finish processes, they can be painted, frosted, silk-screened, stamped, etc.
  4. Uneven thickness of glass containers can lead to damage or can be squeezed by the contents under severe cold conditions, they should be tested for reasonable capacity when filling.
  5. Commonly used shape are usually in stock, if customization is needed, it involves mold making, which usually costs more than $2,000.


cosmetic tubes
cosmetic tubes
  1. Tubes are excellent in the gas barriers, effectively preventing the infiltration of oxygen and odor gases. It also prevents the leakage of the fragrance and active ingredients of the contents.
  2. PE is the most used material of tubes, there are also others, such as composite and metal, the shape of tube can be round, oval tube, or flat.
  3. Tubes can also have a variety of structures, such as single-layer, double-layer, and five-layer, which differ in pressure resistance, impermeability, and feel. The most commonly used in cosmetics is the double-layer tube.
  4. No mold is involved in the tube production, after defining the caliber(the size of the mouth), then adjust the length according to the required volume. There are a variety of calibers, from13# to 16#, for aesthetic purposes, 60ml usually with 35 #, 100-150ml with 35-45#, and over 150ml with 45# caliber or above.
  5. The surface treatment of the tube is also various, which can be made colored, transparent, frosted, etc., and screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping. The plate charge is around $50/color.

Foil bag

cosmetic foil bag
cosmetic foil bag
  1. Foil bag is conducive to keeping freshness and quality, prolonging the product shelf life, and has low cost, low weight, and impact resistance.
  2. As per material, it can be divided into pure aluminum bags, aluminized bags, PV, PE bags, etc.
  3. The pure aluminum bag has a metallic texture and is easy to crease, the aluminized bag is soft, both suitable for the trial packaging of lotion and cream. PET, PV, and other materials are suitable for liquid. The above are all sealed bags, the zip bags can only be used for solid products.
  4. Foil bags are generally offset printed, the plate-making fee is generally $200/color. Combination printing can also be used to achieve some special visual effects.
  5. The MOQ is quite high, generally 20,000pcs. You can also choose the conventional size on the market and use the labeling, so there is no MOQ.


  1. Common dispensers include pumps, nozzles, flip-lids, etc, mostly made of PP, they are in different functions and applications.
  2. Dispenser rarely open their own molds, since the cost is very high. Usually, choose existing molds and then do special surface treatment according to personalized requirements.
  3. The pump is the most used, with a variety of styles, and rich surface treatment, the outer can be electrochemical aluminum, electroplating, also can be hot stamping.
  4. The MOQ for dispenser is not so high, generally, 2000pcs if don’t ask for the customization, the production lead time is around 15 days.

Inner tray

pet inner tray
pet inner tray
  1. Usually used inside the gift sets, with the retail box, to fix each item in the kit, and more importantly, to play a stabilizing cushioning role.
  2. The material is mostly PVC or PET, thickness is 0.12-0.8mm. However, because plastic is not ECO enough, more and more cardboard is used now, but for some heavier or fragile products, cardboard tray is not strong enough to protect, and it is a little difficult to design the structure. While plastic can make any structure you want, as well as a better cushioning effect.
  3. Plastic tray need to be produced with molds, which cost about $100. There is also no strict MOQ requirement, but it usually has to be above 3000pcs to have better cost performance.
  4. Cardboard tray is more simple in production, but need to be manually folded into shape, causing an extra labor fee and slowing down the efficiency.

Cosmetic bag

cosmetic bag
cosmetic bag
  1. In bath gifts, the use of cosmetic bags is not very frequent, usually in travel kits.
  2. Compared with the special cosmetic bag, its function is more as a package, a spare part, and the price is relatively cheap.
  3. Common materials include nylon, cotton, PVC and PU. PVC and PU are mostly used due to their low price and simple process.
  4. The cosmetic bag is generally customized, with a minimum order quantity of 3000 pcs. No matter what material, various surface treatments can be done.

Retail box

retail box
retail box
  1. Retail box is generally made of paper, and there are also plastic boxes that are rarely used due to they are not ECO.
  2. Paper boxes are generally used 350g and 400g coated cards, if you need more solid and firm, it is more appropriate to choose corrugated paper. Generally configured with an inner tray, to play a fixed, shockproof effect.
  3. When designing the structure of the retail box, it is necessary to ensure strength, and stability to protect the contents, but also to strive for simplicity, for manual assembly will save time.
  4. There are many structures of retail box, such as airplane box, folding box, drawer box, and window box. Each structure has different pros and is generally chosen according to the positioning of the brand and the cost of the product.
  5. Most retail box use 4C printing, and it can also have a variety of surface finishes, such as laser color, hot stamping, gravure, oiling, lamination, etc.
  6. Color difference may the biggest problem in printing, which should be confirmed by proofing and used as quality control standard before mass production.
  7. There is no strict MOQ requirement for retail boxes, but the price is greatly influenced by the quantity, generally, more than 3,000 units are required to obtain the best cost-effectiveness.


outer carton
outer carton
  1. Carton as the outer packaging of the final product plays a major role in storage and transportation, its safety cannot be ignored.
  2. Made of double corrugated, according to the needs of the content, it may require extra padding, overlap-type cardboard, inner carton, etc. to strengthen the protection ability.
  3. The MOQ is 100 pieces and the production lead time is about 5 days. You can customize the size and print your shipping mark.

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